Saturday, July 01, 2006

For brazil!

Yesterday a webservice I have been working on went live in Brazil. It is a classified site for all people living in Sao Paolo. In it anybody can post ads for things they want to sell or buy for free. I love Brazil and I hope all brazilians will love back!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Raison d'etre!

Here I will post some of my thoughts on things I care about and/or find interesting. As the title suggests I my ambition in this is not to be alone in this endeavor. I hope that my blogging journey that starts right here and now in this moment will not be a solitary one. I will soon write more on this topic. First though, any intitial haphazard visitor who happens to stumble across this blog in it's initial very primitive state it is in right now, please bear with me, I need to learn how the technology works before I can come up to speed with my postings. My ambition is to feel comfortable with how updating the content works, how changing layouts is performed and how setting permissions (if there are any) can be done at the end of this lovely month May. Until then I apologize for not being consistent in my postings and that the design may be very simple (defaultish). Anyway I don't expect any visitors really. I am not primarily starting this blog to get readers, tomorrow, everywhere. Who knows where this will end though. I can imagine several outcomes. However, did You happen to find me it would be fantastic to get any comments at this early stage (I hope feedback is set to on as default?) on anything that is here or not here. Until next time I salute You. Peace!